Come and meet one of the 12th Annual Scholarship Gala Dinner Special Guests: Sirin Hamsho

Sirin Hamsho is an award-winning engineer and innovator specializing in renewable energy. She received international awards for her patented wind turbine system design in 2015, and was recognized by the BBC’s 100 Women. Hamsho received her professional education degree from the MIT, USA and her master degree in Eco-Innovation from Université de Versailles, France. She has worked for General Electric company both in France and the United States for the past eight years.

Sirin is also a well-known media personality for her inspiring short films, where she spotlights on positiveness and inspiration globally. She currently lives in Boston with her husband Dr. Omar and their two daughters, Laya and Aline.

Sirin Hamsho

About the event:
The Tri-State AAAEA scholarship Gala event is an enjoyable evening and a perfect opportunity for networking with leaders of renowned public agencies and executives from the private sector.Secure your seat today and you’ll find that new colleagues, new collaborations and new innovations are all within reach!

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